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Our Exclusive Services

The Allende Centre for Regenerative Medicine & Vitality welcomes patients of all backgrounds who wish to see an improvement in their appearance or overall health. With treatments including platelet-rich plasma and stem cell injections, patients can heal quickly from their injuries and return to full function without needing surgery. Dr. Allende knows the importance of living an active lifestyle and specializes in treating sports-related injuries.

For patients who want to live an overall healthier lifestyle, The Allende Centre for Regenerative Medicine & Vitality offers weight loss and nutrition counseling, as well as vitamin therapy and supplements as needed. The long-term results of these and similar treatments allow patients to retain energy throughout the day and get the sleep they need at night. 

For patients who simply need a boost in confidence, Dr. Allende offers a comprehensive list of aesthetic treatments, including laser hair removal, dermal fillers such as Juvederm® and Restylane®, and body contouring with the Harmony XL PRO. These treatments are safe and yield natural-looking results that meet patients’ physical goals.

No matter what improvements you’d like to make to your health or lifestyle, The Allende Centre for Regenerative Medicine & Vitality has lasting solutions. Dr. Allende and his team work with you to create a customized treatment plan that addresses your needs. To explore your options for self-improvement as a new or returning patient, call the clinic or book your consultation online today.

Joint Injections

Regenerative Medicine and Biologics

Glutathione for Sleep

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